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In a nutshell...

I am a Full Stack web developer and enjoy being the same. My primary programming language is Python. However, I do believe that a programming language is only the medium through which your programming skills are put into action. I believe I am a very good problem solver, with an analytical mind.


I currently work for New York Public Radio, which is a non profit organization that provides best news, cultural and music programming available on the air, all year long. provides an easy to use audio player for our radio streams and offers original, interactive digital content, host blogs, videos and the headlines from the newsroom and news partners around the world.


My primary responsibilities include:

  • Build new features to enhance the pledge user experience.

  • Social Media integration for users to be able to communicate with their social network.

  • Build web and mobile platforms integrating journalism, culture and media.

  • Architect and implement Segmentation of the on-air shows to provide the recordings to the users on the fly.

  • Maintain and enhance the Search related features


I believe I have good communication skills. I have proved to be a team player and bring a great amount of flexibility to the table. I have also been in environments where I have been solely responsible for the entire project, which have proven to be successful too.


I am always open to hearing out ideas, and approaches to real world problems.


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